A wonderful Aunt

I have a lifetime of memories of Krista. She lived with my dad for many years after the divorce, along with her cat, Benny. I don’t think there were many times I saw her without a Diet Dr. Pepper in hand. Whether against the old ways of this life or someone who may have slighted her, she was a fighter.

The biggest memory I have is when I was in my pre-teens. My family had gone to run errands and I was left alone in the house. While I was watching television in our living room, something caught my eyes: hundreds of little bugs pouring in from the doorframe. I started to panic, but I couldn’t call my parents to come back because few average families had cell phones. Krista was the first person I turned to and she dropped everything to come get me so we could go find them.

Reading and recalling singular memories are a paltry replacement for my Aunt. I love her very much and I am going to miss her equally as much.



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