Give a Gift in Memory

A cause that Krista cared very much about was the fight to end juvenile Batten disease. Her brother Tom passed away decades ago in his early 20's due to juvenile Batten disease. This rare (only 2-4 out of 100,000 people), genetic disease attacks an otherwise healthy child, beginning with vision loss, declining cognitive and motor skills and seizures. Affected children become wheelchair-bound then bedridden. Batten disease is always fatal, most often by the late teens or early twenties.

Krista became aware of Will Herndon while I was working for an ad agency that partnered with Will Herndon's parents to raise funds to fight the disease. I led her to the website and she was very moved to read about Will's struggles and how similar they are to what her brother Tom had gone through. I know she would be smiling down from heaven if people who cared about Krista would contribute to this worthy cause. Please read about Will and consider a donation in memory of Krista Nicewaner.

Will Herndon