Remembering Krista Nicewaner 8/16/63 - 1/25/21

“As long as we remember a person, they're not really gone.
Their thoughts, their feelings, their memories, they become a part of us.”
Justin Cronin

Our beloved sista and friend, Krista went home to be with Jesus the morning of Monday, January 25, 2021. Due to the restrictions imposed because of COVID-19, it was decided that it would be best to have an online memorial set up where all those who loved Krista could come and share their memories and photos.

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This video was taken June 28, 2003. I had just turned 40 and she was soon to be 40 too. It was the year she came here to live with me, and by the end of summer decided Texas was not for her. But we sure made memories that summer!

A fun video Krista and I did


Neither of us had ever made a video before, and you can probably tell that. Krista had just moved in with me at our apartment on West Rd. near Jones. This video was from 6/28/03 – yes TWENTY years ago. I miss you, my friend through thick and thin, ole buddy, ole pal. I think … Read more

A wonderful Aunt


I have a lifetime of memories of Krista. She lived with my dad for many years after the divorce, along with her cat, Benny. I don’t think there were many times I saw her without a Diet Dr. Pepper in hand. Whether against the old ways of this life or someone who may have slighted … Read more

Krista as Jody Foster

A photo sent by Tee Tee


  Tee Tee sent me this photo of Krista back on May 12. I told her she reminded me of Jody Foster! Michele Caldwell



I am happy that Krista will spend eternity in the presence of God. Mary (Adkins) Halbrook



Krista welcomed me and E into the Nicewaner family with ease. She was loving, forgiving and always had a smile for us. Nothing thrills us more than knowing that she is with Jesus now and living in her new body with her Savior. ♥️♥️ April Nicewaner



Ever since the first time I met Krista, she treated me as family (even before Jason and I were married). She was one of a kind- funny, sweet, thoughtful, and old school! I loved chatting with her and she always had the perfect story to tell. She is missed and very loved. Mikaila

Always smiling


Krista was always smiling when we came to visit.  So thankful for Thomasina, Krista’s caregiver and friend for several years. Brenda Dantico

Krista was my best friend


There are so many memories I could share… Krista was my best friend from the time we were in third grade. We were in separate classes, but we were both in Bluebirds, so we were 8-year-old chicks learning how to flock together. I want to come back and post memories time to time, but for … Read more